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Implant Treatments

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Multiple Teeth Replacement

We provide several options for multiple teeth replacement. If you suffer from more than one missing tooth, replacing them becomes your first priority. The Cosmetic Dental Centre focuses on restorations that resemble the natural tooth most closely for permanent replacement and comfort. For patients who are in need of multiple tooth replacement, we offer implant bridges, and multiple dental implants.

What are Implant Bridges?

Implant bridges are the ideal tooth replacement prostetheses for patients who have multiple teeth missing in a row. An implant bridge is a row of replacement teeth which uses two dental implants as anchors.

Implant bridges use two strategically placed dental implants to hold a row of replacement teeth in place. Once the dental implants are placed, abutments are attached that will connect the bridge to the implant. Because implant bridges require only two dental implants, this procedure is less invasive than placing dental implants for each missing tooth.

Caring for Implant Bridges

When cared for properly, implant bridges can last patients for the rest of their lives. Although cavities are not an issue with implant bridges, patients should follow healthy oral hygiene habits to avoid complications. Additionally, regular dental appointments should be made for healthy maintenance of your implant bridge. Your dentist at the Cosmetic Dental Centre will advise you of the time interval between each scheduled appointment.

Multiple Implants

For patients who are missing more than one tooth in various areas of the mouth, an implant bridge may not be possible. For these patients, multiple dental implants are by far the best solution. For each missing tooth, your dentist will insert a dental implant to restore your smile. For more information on the dental implant process, please click here.

Because receiving a separate dental implant at the site of each missing tooth requires additional incisions and drilling, this procedure involves longer healing times, and can be more costly than receiving an implant bridge. However, because each tooth is replaced with a dental implant, this procedure offers a more secure tooth replacement.

Caring for Multiple Implants

Dental implants are the closest thing to natural teeth, and can last for the rest of your life if you care for them properly. Patients with dental implants are advised strongly to avoid smoking, as this can complicate the healing process, and present future problems regarding the implants. Additionally, healthy oral hygiene habits, such as daily flossing, and brushing, should be followed. We suggest scheduling regular dentist appointments every three to six months so that your dentist can monitor the progress of your healing.

To learn more about how you can receive your dental implant or implant bridge, and restore your missing teeth for life, please contact us.


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